smartphone capturing room

The Smartphone Accommodation Resource Toolbox (SmART) is an online platform developed to support innovative teaching and learning through the use of smartphone video production and interactive feedback tools.

The purpose of SmART is to support the delivery of courses where practical knowledge, hands-on skills, and embodied knowledge and situated performance are central to learning. SmART provides resources and guidance on using video technology for teaching and learning.

There is a growing interest in employing the video application feature on smartphones to record embodied-based skills for teaching and learning in post-secondary education programs. As class sizes increase, students may have fewer opportunities to practice practical skills due to limited space and faculty time constraints.

Studies demonstrate that when students record themselves performing a skill and receive feedback, there is an increase in students’ feeling of connectedness and engagement in a community of learners as well as increased confidence and mastery of the practice-based skill.

The SmART vision is to revolutionise practice-oriented courses and the teaching and learning of practical skills.

How SmART started

Originally, SmART was created as an accommodation resources for students with performance anxiety, English language learners and students in remote communities. After extensive research and surveys, we found that students and instructors alike were interested, more generally, in integrating the use of smartphone video production and feedback into practical, professional and studio-based learning courses and wanted to learn more about video production techniques and the affordances of interactive feedback tools, as well as “best practices” for ethics and data security. SmART is an online platform made by students, faculty and staff for students, faculty and staff, as such, it is also teaching students and faculty to work together in a cross-disciplinary fashion.

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