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How to trim a video with iMovie?

you can add or remove frames with the clip trimmer.

  1. In the timeline, select the clip you want to trim.
  2. Choose Window > Show Clip Trimmer. The clip trimmer appears over the timeline.
  3. Do one of the following: Extend the clip: Drag the edge of the clip away from its center. …
  4. Press Return to close the clip trimmer
  5. Hide other people faces for privacy

How do I record with my smartphone?

You should always record video horizontally. It maintains the correct aspect ratio to playback on all video players. In other words, the video will fill the whole screen when played back on your laptop or uploaded to YouTube. If you record a video vertically it creates two black strips on either side of the video during playback to fit the height of the video and therefore does not use the full screen. Additionally, here are some other great tips to keep in mind when recording with your smartphone,

How do I use Camtasia to give feedback on students’ video?

Camtasia is available to York University Faculty. It can also be purchased from TechSmith.

      1. Add annotations to video using Camtasia:
      2. Watch the tutorial on how to add annotations:

How do I use H5P to give feedback on students’ video?

H5P  is a free app that annotates videos.

      1. Install H5P:
      2. Use H5P, upload content, create content, edit content, and embed content:
      3. Watch the quick start video instructions:

How do I use YouTube subtitles to give feedback on students’ video?

The Youtube app is free and includes video interactive/annotation tool that can be used to give feedback by adding subtitles.

    1. Add subtitles to my Youtube video:

How do I use Zoom annotations to give feedback on students’ video?

Zoom is available to all York University faculty.

    1. To use annotation on a Zoom call you need to be in a call, and screen sharing.
      1. Learn more about starting calls and screensharing;,
      2. Learn how to use annotations;

How do I record my iPhone screen?

Screen recording is build in to iPhone.

        1. To record you screen on iPhone see the tutorial here:

How do I record my Android smartphone screen?

DU Recorder is a screen recording App for Android devices.

      1. Download DU Recorder. 
      2. Watch the tutorial video:

How do I record my screen with Microsoft OS?

You can use the xBox live video capture screen recorder in Microsoft Windows

  1. To record a video using XBox live:

How do I record my screen on my Mac?

Use Quicktime player, a software includes with iOS.

  1. To learn how to play, record, edit and share your movies:

How to give feedback via Discord?

Discord is a free app for group chats and calls.

  1. Start a call on Discord:


How to give feedback via Google Hangouts?

Google Hangouts is a video conferencing tool available for free from Google.

  1. Open an account. To use Google Hangouts, you need to make a google account. Click the link to learn more
  2. Start a Hangout:
    1. OR start a video call:
    2. OR start a group conversation:
  3. Invite others to join my call:




How to give feedback via Zoom?

Zoom is a video conferencing tool available to York University Faculty. Faculty can get a standard account at York Universit by contacting

Information and resources about Zoom are available here:

  1. Start an instant zoom meeting and share my screen:
    1. OR join a zoom meeting:
    2. OR schedule a meeting:
  2. Configure audio and video:
  3. Record a conference call: See “Screen Recording” FAQ




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