How do I use Microsift Photos to make and edit video?

For PC computers with Microsoft Windows, you have a free option that comes with your computer (Microsoft Photos Application). If you have on older version of Windows, you may also try Microsoft Movie Maker (Free – with Windows).

Tutorials: The videos below are very short – and they help you address the different tools and features of video editing

      1. Getting Started: Starting a Project and Importing Your Media (Images, Video Clips, Photographs)
      2. Editing: Sequencing Images and Video Clips, Editing and Trimming Clips
      3. Adding Texts and Titles
      4. Sound Files: Audio Clips, Music and Voice-Overs
      5. Here is a different (longer) video that discusses most of basic aspects of video making using Microsoft.

How do I record my screen with Microsoft OS?

You can use the xBox live video capture screen recorder in Microsoft Windows

  1. To record a video using XBox live:  https://support.xbox.com/ms-MY/xbox-on-windows/social/record-game-clips-game-bar-windows-10
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