Student-made video of feedback with some editing

Student-made video of feedback with some editing


  • The student made a video of a learned skill with their smartphone
  • A peer watches the video and provides feedback
  • The peer made a video of the feedback so the student can review it again later
  • The editing includes annotations
    • Annotations can be comments, arrows, or circles used to highlight important parts of the video

For instructions on how to do it click here.


Digital Citizenship – Ethics and Privacy:

  • The student’s face is hidden in the video

For more information on digital citizenship click here.



Thank you to Lorivie Balaquiau and Kai Ya Chang (Collaborative Nursing students, York University) for giving permission to show their video as an example.

How to give feedback via Zoom?

Zoom is a video conferencing tool available to York University Faculty. Faculty can get a standard account at York Universit by contacting

Information and resources about Zoom are available here:

  1. Start an instant zoom meeting and share my screen:
    1. OR join a zoom meeting:
    2. OR schedule a meeting:
  2. Configure audio and video:
  3. Record a conference call: See “Screen Recording” FAQ




How to give feedback via Google Hangouts?

Google Hangouts is a video conferencing tool available for free from Google.

  1. Open an account. To use Google Hangouts, you need to make a google account. Click the link to learn more
  2. Start a Hangout:
    1. OR start a video call:
    2. OR start a group conversation:
  3. Invite others to join my call:




How to give feedback via Discord?

Discord is a free app for group chats and calls.

  1. Start a call on Discord:


What features are available in Moodle for discussion and feedback?

Moodle can help facilitate class discussions and feedback online. Some suggestions to do so are listed below:

  1. Create a Forum in Moodle:
  2. Use the survey/questionnaire (see polling FAQ)
  3. Blog in moodle.
  4. Create groups for students to respond to a particular video. Groups in moodle –




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