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Faculty of Health: Collaborative BScN Program (Nursing)

Assignment brief

Head to Toe: Video Documentation of Practical Health Skills

Students will be randomly assigned a practical skill and will have 10 minutes to perform and complete the skill. Once the first person has completed the skill then they will video their partner completing their randomly selected skill.



  1. Students will be randomly assigned a partner for practical testing. Students will be called in as pairs on the day of testing. Every student will be tested for practical nursing skills (randomly assigned by the instructor).

  2. One student will play the role of the nurse and the second student will video record the first student completing an assigned skill 2) then the students will reverse roles and the one who video recorded will choose a skill and be filmed by the student who played the role as the nurse.

*Important: Video must depict nursing student’s face and performance of the skill for the entire video. The video must be continuous. No zooming, editing, cropping, splicing, etc. allowed from one performance to the other [editorial note: different courses may have different policies for video composition and post-production, including editing, use of images/slides, audio voice-over, text titles/subtitles or other technical features of video making, depending on course aims and purposes].

Students are responsible for providing a recording device for their partner to video their skills. This can be a cell phone, iPad, computer, or video recorder. Please make sure your recording device has enough room and battery life to record the entire skill. Depending on Faculty Resources recording devices are available on loan from the computer room for those students who don’t have one. Please make sure the computer room has enough recording devices to loan on the day you require it. Find out in advance and reserve as needed.

Grading criteria

Assessment and Evaluation Procedures (For Testing Contexts)

  • Students will not be told the outcome of their skills testing at the time of testing.
  • Once both students have completed their testing they can leave the lab.
  • Students are asked to upload their video to Google Drive, Dropbox, or YouTube submit the video in a link or on a USB key.

‘Best Practices’ SmART Note: If using YouTube, be aware you will need an account to upload your video and, as you upload, you will select unlisted, not ‘private’ or ‘public’, or else the instructor cannot view your video. Once students have uploaded the video, they are to watch their video and complete a selfassessment on the appropriate evaluation sheet and reflect on errors noted.

A copy of the self-assessment and link to the video must be emailed by [instructor date]. Please do not email your entire video: only a link will be accepted.

Instructor Notes: Grades for testing will be posted once all testing has been completed and marked. If students are absent they must provide documentation to support absence, plus a request for a deferred evaluation. If students do not have supporting documentation they will get zero for the testing. If a deferred evaluation is granted then this will take place during the next week. If students are seen on the video to be hinting or signaling to each other, this is considered cheating and will be in breach of academic honesty policies.

Assessment Rubric and Instructions for Students (Declaration)

Final Practical Exam Video Submission Declaration

The video I am submitting has been recorded in compliance with the criteria specified in the course outline. I understand that pausing/editing the video, reminders/hints from my patient partner, or use of any material/item to remind me of assessments would be in direct violation of the academic honesty policy. Violations will be handled as academic honesty offenses.

I have ensured:

  • The video scans the entire area where the examination was performed.
  • The only people in the recording area are the videographer (if used) and the patient.
  • The recording area is free of any material or item that could be used to commit an academic honesty offense (e.g. notes, diagrams, exam rubric, electronic device)
  • The assessment is recorded continuously, without pauses or editing the video.
  • The patient did not provide any hints or reminders of any assessment.
  • The assessment is limited to 15 minutes.
  • The video is submitted in a link as well as on a USB memory stick

I have previewed the video to ensure that all assessments and descriptions can be seen and heard by the viewer. I understand that any assessments that are not in plain view of the camera will receive zero points. I understand if there are any issues or concerns with the recording I will be required to attend an in person practical exam.

I also understand if there are any concerns with academic honesty it will be further investigated

Student Name: ________________________________________ (please print)




Student work

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